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Hello, it’s me!

Oh blogosphere, I have missed you so!

But I am back and I promise to never leave you again.

Wait, “Never leave you again?” Some of you reading that text may be wondering, “What the heck is she talking about, ‘leave you again’? This is a new blog!”

Truth be told, it’s been two years since my last blog post. No, not here at this brand spankin’ new sweet piece of cyber real estate. But at my former blog, September Blue. Whether you were a follower then or a brand new friend, I want to welcome you from the bottom of my heart to my new home here on the net, Kelly Sill Design.

A lot has changed over the past two years, Chris and I finally settled into new jobs, our youngest son, Ryley, left Tampa and moved to San Francisco, my fun convertible died (but I love my new car, Roxy the ROGUE Runner), we’ve done several home improvements, and I have completely embraced documenting our photos and stories using mobile apps.

I have truly missed blogging over the past two years. Serving the memory-keeping community with with tutorials, design tips and tricks, and freebies is my passion. You know that rush of endorphins you get after a run or exercise class? That’s the feeling I get when I serve up these nuggets of creativity with you. I can’t wait to feel that “high” again! I love sharing my pages and projects in hopes that it inspires others to tell their own stories.

The running list of topics and information I look forward to sharing here is a long one. Not only will I be sharing all things mobile scrapbooking, but I’ll share recipes, personal projects, and a few of my favorite things. BUT I also want to know what kind of content YOU want to see here at Kelly Sill Design. What are some of the obstacles do you find yourself faced with when it comes to mobile scrapbooking? Is there an app(s) you want to learn more about and master? Are you confused about cloud storage? Are you wondering how to transition from physical/digital scrapbooking to app-scrapping? Talk to me, friends! I’m here to help you! Feel free to leave me a comment below!

As times goes on, this blog will have more and more content, tutorials, and visual inspiration. But if you are need of some creative spark ASAP, you can always follow my Instagram account, @pixelstopages. And don’t forget about my Facebook Page, Kelly Sill Design. Come follow me and show me some love!

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My biggest mobile memory keeping obstacle is:

6 thoughts on “Hello, it’s me!”

  1. Hi Kelly. Excited to see this blog starting. It’s already beautiful. I’ve taken all of your art of the app classes and love reading your comments in our app scrappers Facebook group. My biggest problem right now is working with lightroom Classic and LR CC and mobile apps all together to do my mobile scrapping. That and learning your amazing graphic design for my own pages. Your pages Are always some of my favorites. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and excitement with all of us.

    1. Hey Patricia! Thank you for such a sweet comment! I know what you mean about Lightroom! Unfortunately I don’t have my head wrapped it myself. I hyperventilate every time I have to open it at work! So many people love it though. I hope to explore it more while I have some downtime at work.

      1. Ahhh, Kelly – honestly, it’s the easiest way to organize and then be able to find any photo again in under 10 seconds! Editing is quick and easy too. But you’ve heard that before, I’m sure. If you seriously want to learn LR in easily digestible steps, check out the videos that Laura Shoe offers. They are wonderful and very easy to follow. You can download the class or get DVD’s (which are out of stock right now because she is redoing the class to cover all the changes in the new versions). She does sometimes have really good sales – she might do something special when the new dvd’s come out, so signing up for her newsletter would let you know if she did. . No affiliation here, just a very happy repeat customer. As I am of yours. 🙂

      2. Thanks Patricia! I think I am on her email list but haven’t had a chance to look into her tutorials!

  2. Love the new site, Kelly, and look forward to all the inspiration I know you will provide!

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