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2018 Project Life | Week One

Today I am finally sharing pages from my 2018 Project Life Album. In my last post I shared a bit of my process for this project. If you missed it, you can read that here. I haven’t shared these pages on any of my social media platforms yet as I was waiting to do so once this blog was up and running. So I am super excited that today is the day sharing will begin!

Let’s start with my cover page.

Now I know it’s traditional for a cover page to be a bit more elaborate and include photos, filler cards and the year, but I go the more simplistic route. I treat it more like the very first page you would see when opening a coffee table book–lots of white space and the title. White space makes my heart happy.

I did create this page in the Project Life app and had the shadows on the photo placeholders turned off. The card is from the Project 52 Rad Edition by Emily Merritt. The font used in the lower right corner is Oswald Light.

Here is a view of my Week One as a double page spread:

By the looks of some of these pictures, it’s hard to believe we live in Florida! It was so cold here back in January!

Using the Rad Edition for my album this year is a kind of out of the box for me. The kit is a little on the funky, bright side, and I consider myself to have more of a classic style. It’s different, but I’m having fun with it! The only thing that bothered me about this kit was how dark the numbered title cards were. So I recreated them in LetterGlow. Some may be wondering why I recreated them in LetterGlow and not in Affinity Photo (I am using my iPad Pro to scrapbook). I am pretty confident Bebas Neue was used for the number on these cards. For some crazy reason Bebas Neue will not load into Affinity and it’s driving me crazy. I do have it loaded in LetterGlow, but it is still acting a little wonky, though I am making it work. Other fonts are not giving me this issue, so I am not sure what is going on with Bebas. The other font used on the card is Source Sans. It came pre-loaded in LetterGlow.

Here’s a “did you know” for ya. We already know most of the kits in the app are really digital kits reconfigured for the PL App. But did you know many of those kits have digital elements that coordinate with them? No, you can’t use these elements directly in the PL App, but you can add them to your completed pages in other apps.

The circle stickers on these pages are from the digital Project 52 Rad Edition Accessories. It has digital stickers and papers! You can purchase it in Becky’s digital shop here. Once I exported the page from the Project Life App, I opened it in Affinity Photo on my iPad to add the stickers and light drop shadow (if I was scrapbooking on my iPhone, I would use LetterGlow to add the digital elements–just like I did in my 2016 albums). I then saved the pages back to my camera roll. Because I will be printing these pages in a hardbound book through the Project Life App, I brought the pages back into the PL App by placing it in the full 12×12 collage template.

Leave any questions or comments below!

3 thoughts on “2018 Project Life | Week One”

  1. Hi Kelly! So are there no shadows under the photos and cards? Also when you add stickers in Affinity Photo, shadows or no? Thanks!

    1. Hey there! Sorry for the confusion! There are no drop shadows on the title page. However, the drop shadows are turned on for my page layouts. There are very light drop shadows ]added to the stickers in Affinity. I’m not a big drop shadow kinda file, so I keep them fairly light.

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