Project Life 2018 | Week Two

Random photos of everyday life. That’s what I love about this layout!

Project Life2018 Week 2

When it comes to my page-building process, I insert my photos first, and then I choose my filler and journal cards. This allows me to look at the spread as a whole to see if there are any repetitive elements within the photos such as color, shapes, themes, etc., that may tie the two pages together.

So the main color(s) I see in a few of the photos have orange in them such as the sunset and tomato soup, a little bit of blue/gray/neutral in the photos that show my floors, Zoe (my Yorkie) and Chris painting the guest room.

I then browse the Project 52 Rad Kit to choose the cards for my layout. When it comes to using journal or filler cards in a double-page spread, I am not afraid to use the same card twice or even three times. The repetition is something that brings cohesiveness to the layout. On each page I used a journal card with orange arrows. I also used journal cards with the same style word art on them (Oh Yes and Yipee) and fit perfectly with the orange and neutral-colored color scheme.

Other things I wanted to point out on the left hand page are:

  • The scripted text added to the sunset photo was done in Affinity Photo. This font, Baker Script, is the one used in our community logo. I use it quite often whenever I scrapbook photos of community events.
  • I found a png for the logo of my shoes online and added it in Affinity Photo as well.
  • The 4×6 picture in the lower right corner is actually a 4×6 collage that I made in the PL App, exported it to my camera roll and then placed it in my layout.

On the right hand page:

  • The text on the photos was done, once again, in Affinity Photo. The font used is Archer Pro. This is a format I will be using throughout my album whenever I want to add a few words to photos.

Thanks for reading! Leave any questions or comments below!