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2018 Project Life | Week Three + A Giveaway

It’s been a hot minute since I shared a Project Life spread. It’s not that I don’t have any done, because I do! However, when I’m developing new online classes, I get tunnel vision. It is all I can focus on. But that’s ok, because I. Love. It. It’s my passion. My only complaint is that I wish creating content for memory keeping was my full-time 9-5 job instead of having to go into an office everyday! Ha!

While we are on the subject on new classes, registration for Art of the Apps Monthly Membership will open on Monday, April 23. You can find all of the information by clicking here. But I want to give you a chance to win an Art of the Apps v. 1 Scholarship before registration opens! The Giveaway is actually running on my @pixelstopages Instagram account. To enter the Giveaway go to my @pixelstopages Instagram account and do the following:

1. “Like” the Art of the Apps Monthly Membership Giveaway Post.

2. Leave a comment on that post, telling me what your favorite mobile scrapbooking app is.

3. Share the Art of the Apps Monthly Membership Giveaway Post.

Giveaway ends Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 8:59 PM EST. Winner will be announced here on the blog and on the Instagram account Monday Morning at 10 am!

Now on to Project Life. Below is the double-page spread for Week Three.

Have you tried those Coconut Clusters or Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Snappers you see in the layout below? Don’t. Just don’t even tempt yourself, because there is no turning back.

What I like about this layout is the pop of yellow used in the cards and stickers. None of the photos have yellow in them. But the first card I chose to place in the layout was the journal card with the yellow diamond border because I thought it worked well with the Letterfolk Letterboard with Jack Sparrow’s quote. That card was the catalyst in choosing the other cards and elements for the spread. That yellow sticker I placed on my computer screen in the lower left corner was actually blue. I changed the color in Affinity Photo.

Any text added to the Photos was done in Affinity. Now these pages were done well before Free Form Text was a paid addition to the Project Life App. Even though I love the ability to add text to photos directly in the PL App, in some situations I will probably still add text to photos in Affinity because I like to use my own fonts. What about you? Will you still use other apps to add text to your photos? Or will you stick with Project Life only?

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Introducing Art of the Apps Membership

There’s a good reason why the blog has been a little quiet lately! A brand new format of app-scrapping classes has been in development at and today I finally get to share the details!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet as there will be a link at the end of this post to the workshop information page at Scrapaneers. But I wanted to quickly address how this Art of the Apps Monthly Membership v.1 will differ from the those AotA workshops in the past.

In previous workshops several apps were covered in a 3-day period. With the exception of AotA 3.0, the classes were taught through live webinars which were recorded and posted in the classroom for students to watch at their convenience. The classes were very successful (and are now self-paced at Scrapaneers), but some of the feedback received was there was too much information presented in a short amount of time.

I totally get it.

So after a lot of thought, it was decided to try something new.

The Art of the App Monthly Membership v.1 will focus on one app or theme a month. Focusing on a single app will allow you to really explore the app and digest the information you receive over several weeks, instead of just a few days, before moving on to a new app.

You may be wondering if I will be revisiting apps covered in previous workshops. Yes. Some, not all. Apps are constantly updating. I guarantee those apps I do revisit in the monthly memebership will have fresh material. Covering only one app a month is allowing me to develop material that is more detailed and I am able to share with you more of my process and workflow.

I hope you are excited about this new format as I am! For even more information click on the this link to the workshop page

To celebrate this new membership, Scrapaneers is giving away one full scholarship to Art of the Apps Monthly Membership v.1! You can find all of the information on how to enter on the Scrapaneers blog here. Good luck!

And guess what? will be giving away one a seat in Art of the Apps Membership v.1 here on my blog very soon! Stay tuned!

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Wellness | My Running Journey

Today I thought I’d share a a little bit about my quest to becoming a runner and a little about the apps that have helped be along the way.

I’ve always wanted to be runner and took up running about two years ago. My best friend Jill and I gave it a try in high school, but our desire to cheer and dance on the sidelines at football games outweighed that of running long distances.

Fast forward 30+ years.

Jill and I both live in the Tampa area now. Back in the spring of 2014, we ran the Color Me Rad 5K at the Tampa Fairgrounds. For those not familiar with a color run, it is a race where colored cornstarch is thrown at you suring different point of the race and by the time you finish, you look like you ran through a rainbow.

Too much fun.

I remember that color run being in May. It was already getting hot in Florida. Running in gazillion-percent humidity just wan’t appealing to me anymore. So again, I gave up running before I even got started.

But in the summer of 2016 I stumbled across My husband and I are big Disney fans and when I saw photos of runners dressed up as Disney Princesses running a race around Walt Disney Resorts, I got the urge to become a runner again. The runners looked like they were having so much fun! And the BLING! The medals were awesome and I wanted one.

I was about to turn 48-years-old. Now one would think that an almost 48-year-old, inexperienced runner would have enough common sense in her to register for the Disney Princess 5K or 10K race, right? Nope. Not this girl. I went big and registered for the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. WTH was I thinking?

I went on my very first training run–September 12, 2016–my birthday. It was hot and humid, but I was running at 5am, before work, so at least the sun wasn’t beating down on me. I was also training using the Couch to 10K app and then the 13.1 Half Marathon Trainer app. And they were great! These apps start you off slow through walk/run intervals. For example in Couch to 10K your first day is a 25 minutes run/walk: a 5-minute warm-up, 6 sets of a 1-minute run and 1.5-minute walk, and a 5-minute cool down. As you train, those run segments become longer, walks shorter, and you are eventually running without that walking break. You can click on the icons below to read more.


A few weeks before the 2017 Princess Half-Marathon my right knee started to bother me. I backed off training a bit so I wouldn’t really hurt myself before the race. I never really ran a full 13 miles during a training run.

Fast forward to race weekend.

Participants pick up their race packets at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. In one of the buildings at the complex there is a large health and fitness expo with all sorts of vendors. I visited the KT Tape booth and bought some of their kinesiology tape. I have no idea how this magical tape works. It’s so thin. But man, did it help! I watched their YouTube videos on how to apply it to my knee and I ran that race pretty much pain free!

2017 Disney Princess Half-Marathon

I didn’t run for about three weeks after that race, but had such a good experience that when the time came to register for the 2018 race, I signed up!

Running during the summer in Florida is just insane. So I didn’t. I just kept to spinning and yoga. But even that stopped for a little while last August when I was diagnosed with a DVT/PE, was in the hospital for four days and put on blood thinners for 6 months (that experience is a whole other blog post).

At the end of September Jill and I, along with another friend, signed up for the Wanderlust Mindful Triathalon which included a 5K, a 45-minute yoga session, and finishing with a 25-minute meditation session. It was a great event, although my knee was pretty sore during the run.

It took me a while to even feel like running again after Wanderlust. Once I did start back up, it was one strain after another that seemed to prevent me from doing any kind of serious training for the 2018 Princess Half-Marathon that happened about a month ago. The one over the counter pain reliever that works for me is Aleve and I couldn’t take it because of the blood thinners I was taking. At one point I even considered dropping out of the race because even walking long distances would aggravate my knee. But Disney doesn’t give any refunds on their races and they are pretty expensive, so I was going to run this thing no matter what.

It wasn’t until the Wednesday before the race when my hematologist gave me the all clear. No more clots. No more blood thinners. Hello Aleve. Hello 2018 Princess Run.

I accepted the fact a long time ago that this race was not going to be one where I was going to break any personal best records. I really don’t care about any of that. I just liked the atmosphere of the race. So I taped up my knee (and my hip, and my ankle😂) and I ran.

And it wasn’t pretty.

I ended up walking the last four miles, but trotted across the finish line in tears. I was hurting. But I got my bling. And I took Aleve.

2018 Disney Princess Half Marathon

One of the things I noticed while running was the sound of dings and chimes going off on my fellow runners’ phones. Turns out many were running the race using an interval app where you can set your own high and low intensity training cycles. The sounds alerted them when to walk and when to start running again.

I found one of these interval apps recently in the App Store and have been using it the past few times I’ve been out running (I try to do a 5K twice a week right now). Oh my gosh! I love running with it! I set it for 30 second intervals and believe it or not, I’ve shaved a minute off of my mile and my knee hasn’t bothered me. I think because I was running on it for shorter periods of time, my knees weren’t experiencing that constant pounding if I was running for a longer period without stopping. I’m sure I as I work on strengthening my knee I will increase those interval times, but I’m kinda liking these 30 second intervals for now. This is the app I am using:

It’s called Interval Timer. The app is free and can be used for any exercise or activity you wish to set intervals for such as cycling, running, stretching, boxing, and more! I’m really happy with it.

And you know what? I signed up for another race! My husband and I will run the Disney Wine & Dine Half-Marathon in November! I’m so excited we will run a race together! I can’t wait to see what that medal looks like!

If any of my readers are into health and fitness, tell me about any apps you may use to reach your fitness goals! I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment below!

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My Project Life Process

Now I know we are well into the third month of 2018. Even so, I still wanted to share my Project Life process from the very beginning. So in this post I want to share with you a few things I do prior to diving in and creating pages for a new year. But first a confession:

I am still working on my 2017 album 😱.

I needed to get that off of my chest before I continue with this post. You’ll understand why in a moment.

I started using the physical version of Project Life back in 2012 in a weekly format.

In 2016 when I switched to the app, I continued documenting weekly. I was totally obsessed with keeping my pages up to date as using the app made this so easy to do. The first few months of 2016 I was still working part time at the Paper Source, while looking for a full-time graphic design position. When I finally found one, I noticed I wasn’t taking as many “everyday” photos like I was when only working part time. Most of my photo-taking opportunities were falling on the weekends. I was beginning to think that my Project Life Weekly Format was more like a “weekend format.” Don’t get me wrong, I was still able to fill my pages and complete my 2016 album (You can see a walk through of my 3-volume album on my Kelly Sill Design Facebook Page here) by using the Big Shot Templates in the app. But I was a little bummed I wasn’t taking as many everyday photos.

In 2017 I decided to switch it up and document in a monthly format. I figured by doing this I would have less of that self-inflicted pressure to make sure I am taking photos and keeping up with my pages. You know what happened?

I got lazy. Right now my 2017 album is complete only through May and I am playing catch-up. I even noticed the quality of my photos have started to declined because I wasn’t using my skills on a daily basis!

So. Not. Cool.

Turns out that self-inflicted pressure I put on myself in 2016 was a blessing in disguise. Having a ritual of dropping photos into layouts throughout the week, then finishing the journaling and adding embellishments the following Monday/Tuesday was a good thing. It kept me on track and I missed that.

So for 2018, I decided to go back to documenting in a weekly format. I am finding myself paying more attention to the everyday things–even though I am still working full time and we are living in an empty nest. I am pretty much up-to-date in my 2018 album and it feels good. I’m getting into the groove again.

There are times when do find myself looking for ideas of what to take pictures of. When the kids were around that was never a problem. But since we are officially empty nesters, I refer to a handout I created for my Empty Nest Scrapbooking workshop I taught at Scrapaneers a few years back (no longer available). It has a slew of good photo-taking ideas for when you need to fill a few empty pockets on your pages. You can download it here.

So there are three main steps I take before diving into my Project Life Album. They are:

1) Select a kit. I decided to use the Project 52 Rad Edition by Emily Merritt. There will be times I will use some cards from other kits, but they will mainly be very generic journal cards. And I’m sure I will use products by Ali Edwards as well, but I really like to stick with one kit for my albums. For me working with one kit gives my album consistency and that is important to me.

2) Create a color palette from the kit. Knowing there will be pages where I will add text to a page or make a filler/journal card in another app, I like having the RGB color codes of the kit so I can add them to the graphic design apps I use to create these elements. I do this in two different ways. If I am using my iPhone, I grab the colors using the Adobe Capture App. If I am using my iPad Pro, I use Affinity Photo. Here are tutorials on how I do this in both apps.

Adobe Capture Mini Tutorial

Affinity Photo Color Swatch Mini Tutorial

3) Find coordinating kits. After I select the kit I will use, I usually find another kit or two in the app that it would coordinate. Just in case I get a little bored working with one kit. I do this by selecting a card in the kit with a good representation of of all the colors in the kit and place it on one of the 6×8 Page templates. Then I just experiment dropping cards in from other kits to see if their colors match. The Project Life Rad Edition is a little special, though. Because the fonts in the kit look hand-drawn, I wanted to make sure any coordinating kit had fonts with a similar look and feel. I found the Stampin’ Up Let’s Get Away Kit (no longer available for purchase in the app) and the This and That Value Kit by Alma Loveland works really well with Rad.

This by Tinrocket 1.0.2 (101)
Project 52 Rad Edition | Stampin? Up! Let?s Get Away | This and That Value Kit |
This by Tinrocket 1.0.2 (101)
Project 52 Rad Edition | This and That Value Kit | Stampin? Up! Let?s Get Away |

And that’s it! I’ll be sharing my cover page and weeks one and two in my next post! Thanks for spending a few moments here today!

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Hello, it’s me!

Oh blogosphere, I have missed you so!

But I am back and I promise to never leave you again.

Wait, “Never leave you again?” Some of you reading that text may be wondering, “What the heck is she talking about, ‘leave you again’? This is a new blog!”

Truth be told, it’s been two years since my last blog post. No, not here at this brand spankin’ new sweet piece of cyber real estate. But at my former blog, September Blue. Whether you were a follower then or a brand new friend, I want to welcome you from the bottom of my heart to my new home here on the net, Kelly Sill Design.

A lot has changed over the past two years, Chris and I finally settled into new jobs, our youngest son, Ryley, left Tampa and moved to San Francisco, my fun convertible died (but I love my new car, Roxy the ROGUE Runner), we’ve done several home improvements, and I have completely embraced documenting our photos and stories using mobile apps.

I have truly missed blogging over the past two years. Serving the memory-keeping community with with tutorials, design tips and tricks, and freebies is my passion. You know that rush of endorphins you get after a run or exercise class? That’s the feeling I get when I serve up these nuggets of creativity with you. I can’t wait to feel that “high” again! I love sharing my pages and projects in hopes that it inspires others to tell their own stories.

The running list of topics and information I look forward to sharing here is a long one. Not only will I be sharing all things mobile scrapbooking, but I’ll share recipes, personal projects, and a few of my favorite things. BUT I also want to know what kind of content YOU want to see here at Kelly Sill Design. What are some of the obstacles do you find yourself faced with when it comes to mobile scrapbooking? Is there an app(s) you want to learn more about and master? Are you confused about cloud storage? Are you wondering how to transition from physical/digital scrapbooking to app-scrapping? Talk to me, friends! I’m here to help you! Feel free to leave me a comment below!

As times goes on, this blog will have more and more content, tutorials, and visual inspiration. But if you are need of some creative spark ASAP, you can always follow my Instagram account, @pixelstopages. And don’t forget about my Facebook Page, Kelly Sill Design. Come follow me and show me some love!

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